Past forums

The forums is held by the international public foundation "Zamin".

2021 - International Web Forum «Ensuring inclusion for children with disabilities»

Comprehensive support to people and children with disabilities, including creation of inclusive environment, protecting and safeguarding their rights identified as priorities of state social policy in Uzbekistan. The implementation of effective measures in these areas has become even more relevant and has intensified during the global coronacrisis.

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2020 - International Web Forum «Children’s Right to Education: Relevance, Continuity and Innovation in a Pandemic»

Pandemic epidemiological crisis coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which swept the world and affected all areas public life on a global scale, demonstrated the presence in the international community of a number of problems in the pandemic response system, including in the field ensuring children's rights to education.

The pandemic crisis poses a serious risk of delaying the global community from achieving the Sustainable Development Agenda to period until 2030 and the implementation of all its goals and objectives, including Goal 4 - «Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and encouraging lifelong learning opportunities for all».

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